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Sick To My Stomach

Sick to my Stomach

 by Denise ((bonaimo)) Sarram

18” x 14” x 4” Assemblage, 2020


Wooden tray, ephemera, comic book post card, game pieces, electronics, shot gun shells, postage stamps, faux US money, brass stencil, antique eyeglasses, book cover, book illustration

Sometimes I just can’t even follow the news because of all the dreadful events. This was especially true of 2020 when I didn’t have much to distract me because of the lock down. We use the expression “sick to my stomach” when we are disgusted. This assemblage features some of the world events on my mind at the time, with a bit of fantasy thrown in for dramatic effect.


From the collection "Anatomically Speaking- The Carnival of Life"


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