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2023 Exhibition

Inspired by the beautiful illustrations of these authentic paper dolls from 1938, found at an antique shop, this collection is mixed media collage on canvas. The process is multi-stepped to achieve the final result.

-Step one is to affix layers of paper scraps of antique ephemera (newspaper, magazines, ledgers, pretty papers and handwritten letters and of course, a paper doll).

-Next, using stencils, an opaque white heavy body modeling paste is applied.

-After that dries, paint and distress inks are selectively added to highlight the dimensionality. 

-Next, authentic, vintage black and white photos are placed into small, distressed cardboard window frames and added to the canvas.  

-Inspirational quotes from songs, speeches, and soundbites from strong women, printed on clear stickers were added to the surface next.

-Painted and distressed with sandpaper- wooden dominoes and other kids block toys were nailed into the edges to frame the canvases.

-The entire artwork is finished with a layer of hot encaustic wax that cools to a smooth surface that still maintains the texture of the elements.

Each work of art is ready to hang. Please contact the artist to purchase. Payment plans available.

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Paper Dolls

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"Paper Dolls" On Display Now until April 26, 2023 at the San Marcos Community Center

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