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Send In The Clowns

Send In The Clowns

by Denise ((bonaimo)) Sarram

33" x 21" x 3" assemblage, 2022


authentic medical student anatomy book (circa 1900), authentic anatomy color plates, antique black and white photo (circa 1932), fabric, wooden frame, brass frame, handmade paper, light strand, beads for clown noses.

This artwork speaks to the modern dilemma that people with a uterus are faced with today.   I am 50, the same amount of time that Roe vs. Wade was in place before it was overturned this year, 2022. It is not an issue I thought I would ever have to be concerned about.

The gentlemen in the black and white photo represent the lawmakers in power.  I found it extremely satisfying to put bright red clown noses on their miserable, serious faces.

This gorgeous authentic anatomical student medical book was an awesome find. The numerous detailed color plates depicting the female body, with a bonus plate with a fetus in the womb, made my jaw drop when I saw it.

The calendar with monthly dates (circled in red) relates to menstrual cycle tracking.

The entire scene is presented as a show on a stage. The curtains are made from handmade paper. The vintage clown images add a whimsical twist to a very important subject.

From the collection "Anatomically Speaking- The Carnival of Life"


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