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Not a F*<ing Mind Reader

desc mind reader

Not a F*<king Mind Reader

by Denise ((bonaimo)) Sarram

27" x 25" x 5" Assemblage, 2022


Wooden box, ephemera, tiny fortune telling tools, doll house chair, crocheted lace, tiny telescope, chain, medical book illustrations, metal fleur-de-lis, Altoids tin, glass drawer pulls, model brain toy. 

Imagine you are at the old- timey carnival and you gravitate towards the booth with the Fortune Teller. You have so many questions, but where to start. You want to believe she has all the answers you seek. People use the expression "I am not a mind reader" when we feel like others are not communicating clearly, or assumptions are made that are incorrect. It can be very frustrating. This assemblage combines a number of miniature versions of fortune telling tools; tiny tarot cards, a crystal ball (which is not crystal clear), reproductions of beautiful old illustrations of astronomy charts and an old, super cool, thick Edison record. None of which are a replacement for clear and concise communication.

From the collection "Anatomically Speaking- The Carnival of Life"



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