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Immigrate: Assimilate

Immigrate: Assimilate by Denise ((bonaimo)) Sarram Folio 2020

ancestor photos, mixed media, manila folder, raw silk, point de gaze lace

This one is difficult to convey in photos, it unfolds to open and the tags come out-scroll down to the short video for a better look.

This artwork is made from a simple office manila file folder. Pockets were cut and folded over and layered with stencils, paint and distress ink. In each pocket is a tag with photos of my paternal ancestors, including the young boy, who is my Grandpa Willy, his siblings, my Great Grandfather Nicola and Great Grandmother Ida. The lace is a very beautiful antique French Point de Gaze trim.

The fourth tag has a silhouette of the Statue of Liberty,  cut from a replica of the Immigration Act of 1917. The folio has a strip of fabric which wraps around an acrylic rose as the closure.

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