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Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess by Denise ((bonaimo)) Sarram 42" x 10" x 3" Assemblage 2020

Grandma Kitty’s antique pinking shears, vintage doorknob, antique pin cushion, sewing notions, vintage jewelry, metal wings, lead crystal drop, raw silk fabric

This sweet drawing of mother and child was found at an antique mall. It is a promotional item from an insurance company. It is a pin cushion of sorts, with layers of thin felt- like paper in which you slide the pins. I added some crackle paint paper as a background. It’s all nestled within the bottom half of a small antique brass box. Pretty paper lines the interior, embellished with jewelry parts and antique chandelier crystals.

Women in the early part of the century didn’t have too many choices in terms of careers. Many became “house wives”.

This assemblage speaks to concept of being the domestic goddess of her domain- the home. She’s in charge of all the numerous tasks and responsibilities it takes to run a household, and mind the children other than making the wages. All the while, having her hair coiffed, make up done, stockings on and wearing a pretty dress.

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