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Caterina's Eyes

Caterina's Eyes by Denise ((bonaimo)) Sarram

27" x 8" x 3" Assemblage 2020


antique post office mailbox door, picture frame, jewelry, vintage celluloid door knob, enameled metal plaque, embossed metallic paper typewriter style letters, paper, ancestor photo

(Click on the middle of the image to view in full screen mode for the best view)

This assemblage features a photo of my maternal Grandmother Caterina as a young girl upon arrival in America at Ellis Island. The frame is made from an antique copper post box door with a lovely natural green patina. The gold colored wood frame is embellished with typewriter letters.  I fashioned the door knob escutcheon from an  old metal enamel plate. The jewelry is vintage, something I picked up along the way. I love the vibrant green glass beads.

This artwork represents how my immigrant grandmother must have felt to finally have a place to call home after having to endure so much hardship. Having a mail box of one's own is a symbol of permanence.

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