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Balancing Act

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Balancing Act

by Denise ((bonaimo)) Sarram

19" x 24" x 3" assemblage 2020 


antique wooden frame, vintage world maps, paper clay sculpted brain and heart, paint, distress inks, paper, wire, altered vintage black and white photo (with my face superimposed). 

Adulting is hard. I'm juggling so many responsibilities all the time. Many times, people have to make the hard decisions and tasks look easy. It makes me feel like I am a tightrope walker, or even worse- a unicycle rider, on a tightrope, balancing decisions concerning matters of the heart and the logic of the brain.  

The point of view of this artwork is from below looking up at the circus big top tent. The perspective was a little tricky, but I was pleased with the results.

The antique wooden frame with its domed glass is particularly lovely was an exciting Antique shop find.

“Under the surface I feel berserk as a tightrope walker in a three-ring circus” 

-Luisa Madrigal from the movie Encanto

From the collection "Anatomically Speaking- The Carnival of Life"

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