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Architect of Our Family

Architect of Our Family by Denise ((bonaimo)) Sarram 32" x 20" x 4" Assemblage 2020

antique level and folding ruler,  vintage flash bulbs,  antique tool, brass stencils, game pieces, mini bricks, bullet, key, train ticket, paper, wood substrate, ancestor photo

(Click on the middle of the image to view in full screen mode for the best view)

Louis Ricca, my maternal Grandfather, pictured here in a bonnet and dress for a formal family portrait, was the youngest of 9 children. He was the only sibling born in America. (His mother was actually 8 months pregnant with him during her journey across the Atlantic on a steamship.)

He was an engineer and an architect when he grew up. He was good with his hands, so he not only designed buildings, but he also built a summer home for his family.

The vintage train ticket shows the stops between their house in Brooklyn and the summer home in Long Island, which back then, was much more rural and considered "out in the country".

This artwork is called "Architect of Our Family" because just like when you are building a house, you need a good foundation. Grandpa Louie built that foundation for us, along with my Grandma Kitty and their legacy lives within me.

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