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Paper Dolls

Inspired by the beautiful illustrations of these authentic paper dolls from the early 1950's. The fashions depicted are reminiscent of the late 1930s-1940's. Found at an antique shop, I was inspired to make this collection using the process of mixed media collage on canvas. The process is multi-stepped to achieve the final result. Canvases measure 10.5 x 10.5" or 12.5" x 12.5". Read on if you wish to know the details...

-Step one is to affix layers of paper scraps of antique ephemera (newspaper, magazines, ledgers, pretty papers and handwritten letters and of course, a paper doll).

-Next, using stencils, an opaque white heavy body modeling paste is applied.

-After that dries, paint and distress inks are selectively added to highlight the dimensionality.

-Next, authentic, vintage black and white photos are placed into small, distressed cardboard window frames and added to the canvas.

-Inspirational quotes from songs, speeches, and soundbites from strong women, printed on clear stickers were added to the surface next.

-Painted and distressed with sandpaper- wooden dominoes and other kids block toys were nailed into the edges to frame the canvases.

-The entire artwork is finished with a layer of hot encaustic wax that cools to a smooth surface that still maintains the texture of the elements.

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