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A Rosalie By Any Other Name Would Still Be As Sweet

A Rosalie By Any Other Name Would Still Be As Sweet by Denise ((bonaimo)) Sarram 12" x 10" x 3" Assemblage 2020

ancestor photo, vintage postcard from Italy,  point de gaze lace, preserved rose, wooden letterpress replicas, metal letterpress type, ephemera, postage stamp, jewelry, antique eyeglass lens, vintage pen nibs, watch parts, stitching, gold leaf, paper

(Click on the middle of the image to view in full screen mode for the best view)

This assemblage features a photo of my maternal Great Grandmother, Rosalie. Her youngest son was my Grandpa Louie. Rosalie was 8 months pregnant with Louie when she traveled across the Atlantic from Sicily in 1906. She also had three children in tow. Her husband was already in America, having immigrated a couple of years earlier.

This artwork is rich in texture and patterns. After I glued down the collage papers and other ephemera I ran it through my sewing machine to create the stitch work. (Which is really fun to do.)

This picture frame is special to me because it was one of the decorations from my own wedding.

You may notice that I use wings in many of my artworks. To me, wings represent someone who has passed away. Referencing the angel archetype, which many cultures and religions use to represent goodness and light. I like to think that my ancestors are keeping a protective watchful eye over me.

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